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AIPL is an eco friendly company, contributing to the development of the nation through green initiatives that include designing & construction of buildings that are in harmony with the natural features and resources surrounding the site, using the concepts of Reusing, Reducing and Recycling. AIPL is and will continue to revolutionize and transform the way India lives, works and plays. Having an experience of 20 years, AIPL continues to transform the look and texture of India with innovative corporate landmarks, unprecedented retail developments and exclusive residential communities, and is striving to place India on the global map of luxury living. It is undoubtedly the cornerstone of a brighter tomorrow.

"Every person is the right person to act. Every moment is the right moment to begin". The time to act is now!"

We are advocating the 3 R’s of environmental protection. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle


Your Consumption

The first step to reducing your impact on the environment is reducing the amount of resources you consume and use. Think twice before you buy or use anything. Do you really need it? By reducing your consumption you will also decrease the amount of waste you produce.

Your Waste

You can reduce waste in many ways. The opportunities are nearly endless. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Think before you print or photocopy! Print and copy as little as possible . And when you print or copy, do it double-sided.
  • Edit on screen, not on paper.
  • Use e-mail to minimize paper use.
  • Send and store documents like necessary papers for plans and business proposals electronically instead of on paper.
  • Circulate documents instead of making an individual copy for everyone.
  • Change the margins on your Word documents.

Your Energy Consumption

  • Turn off unused or unneeded lights.
  • Use natural lighting instead of electric lighting whenever possible.
  • If you have a desk lamp, make sure it uses fluorescent bulbs (instead of incandescent bulbs).
  • Select cold water for washing clothes
  • Keep windows and doors closed in heated and air-conditioned areas.
  • Turn off computers when they are not in use.
  • Turn off printers, especially laser printers, unless printing.
  • Don’t use power strips to turn on all computers and desk equipment at once.
  • When purchasing computers and peripherals, buy low wattage equipment
  • Minimize use of screen savers and instead enable power management features
  • Purchase only energy-efficient products
  • Move your refrigerator. Leaving space between your refrigerator and the wall increases air circulation around the condenser coils, allowing the fridge to operate more efficiently.

Your Oil Consumption and Pollution
Drive Efficiently - If you must drive, buck the trend towards more wasteful vehicles and drive a fuel efficient car, i.e. one which gets more miles per gallon, and don’t drive it more than you really need to!

Park your car in the shade. Gas evaporates from your fuel tank more quickly when you park in the sun. Parking in the shade lowers the temperature in your gas tank by up to 7 degrees, significantly reducing fuel evaporation.


Plastic containers can become food storage, paper can become wrapping paper. The ways in which to reuse things are unlimited. All you need is to be creative. If being creative is not your thing, here are some other ideas:

  • Reuse envelopes by placing a new label over the old address.
  • Designate a box for scrap paper and use it for printing all drafts or unofficial documents.
  • Reuse plastic bags or better get reusable canvas bags.


  • When buying any type of product, see if it is available with post consumer recycled content.
  • Wrap presents in gift bags. Once you tear the wrapping paper off a gift it ends up in the bin, but gift bags can be used over and over again.
  • Production of recycled paper uses only half the water and 3/4 of the energy than new paper. Every ton of recycled paper saves almost 400 gallons of oil, three cubic yards of landfill space and seventeen trees.
  • If you recycle soda cans, the energy used and air pollution created, is 95 percent less than if the cans were produced from raw materials.
  • You could operate a TV set for an estimated three hours with the energy saved by recycling just one aluminium can.

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